Nexios Mobile Ė a light weight IMS based Unified Communications Platform

Achieving higher productivity at lower cost is the watchword for the corporate sector and if there is one solution that can truly help achieve this, it is Nexios Mobile. Nexios Mobile uses Peer to Peer and Grid computing Technologies to provide multimedia services like


Voice call/conferencing

Video call/conferencing

Voice and Video Recording

Voice and Video mail

Voice and Video Paging

Desktop sharing

File sharing/transfer

Instant messaging

Call Forwarding

Call Hunting

Do Not Disturb services


These services are provided over the IP

infrastructure. Only prerequisite being the

connectivity to the internet through anyone of access networks such as 3G,LTE, WLAN, WiMax, DSL etc., Nexios Mobile runs on multiple operating systems, multiple devices like mobile, PDA, embedded devices etc. Most of the services can be provided on the mobile as well, where the bandwidth available for the mobile is high constant bit rate bandwidth.

††† Unique features of Nexios Mobile


 No Server maintenance - Since Signaling as well as Media are peer to peer there is no scalability issue, maintenance cost, and downtime.


  Fully operator controllable yet peer to peer (operator friendly)


 Fully Gridded and Micro Web-service

enabled -User can take leverage of otherís

processing power in order to realize a

service. For Ex., a mobile can play a video

using PCís Media player, Users can share

media and create a virtual library or use

others storage


 Virtualizes any environment with session continuity - Use your mobile to control your system and use your system to access your mobile. Continue/Transfer your session

from your mobile to PC any time; continue

your session between 3G and Wireless LAN

any time, without session drop. The

Participants can join a conference from

their desktops and mobile and hence

making it very flexible and saving on the



Nexios TN

Next generation mobility