Nexios TN

Next generation mobility

Nexios Mobile enables IP based multimedia communication, Content distribution, Virtual storage and GRID searching.

Nexios Mobile is based on Peer to Peer computing, GRID computing and CLOUD Computing technology. Nexios Mobile follows 3GPP/TISPAN/IMS standards of European Telecommunication Standards Institute for compatibility. Ginger can be plugged into any computer/laptop and enables the system to become or equivalent to a Multimedia Telecommunication system with content processing capability. It can form a GRID with other  Nexios Mobile system. The  Nexios Mobile can store the data inside itself and can be plugged in any system and the users will get their personalized data regardless of computers they use. 

Nexios Mobile can process all the multimedia content and other contents, no other software is required for reading or playing the content. Nexios Mobile creates a virtual centralized media server and signaling server. One Nexios Mobile communicates to other Nexios Mobile directly over IP network as every Nexios Mobile has inbuilt server as well as a  Client. This avoids  Server  maintenance cost, single point failure Server network dependability and dependability on a single computer. Since it has no server, there is no issue of system scalability, maintenance, addition of hardware or addition of software.